Ten cheerleaders graduate college, and 10 peewee cheerleaders take their place. 
That cycle never stops. So how can a brand grow?
The solution was to expand outside of cheer into the athleisure space. That campaign became "The Strength Is In Us."
The integrated campaign increased online and retail sales. Conversation on social media shifted away from shorts and cheerleaders. And it became a thought leader overnight.
Using multiple posts to make a bigger image is so 2014.
So how do you plus that?
Revealed one-by-one 15 minutes apart, each of the 24 posts pictured above became a word to the campaign manifesto.
Each post also had a caption with stats and facts to inspire women to team up with each other.
Combine this execution with paid influencers on campaign launch day, and it crafted an identity on not just Instagram but for all its social media platforms. (Click below to see an example.) 
The strategy came to life on Instagram in the way our target demographic of 18-24 year olds appreciate.
Biggest media win from this execution? Soffe's marketing director got on MarketingProfs, a medium that interviews people like Ford Motor Company's Global Marketing and Digital Communications Manager.
More than 93 millions selfies are taken daily. Yes. DAILY!
The foil is there. Selfies now make up 30 percent of all photos by 18-24 year olds. Soffe's stance wasn't to say stop taking selfies. Nor that selfies are bad. Simply...
Hundreds of people started to widen the lens, bringing in friends together for a group selfie. Some even tagged older photos #TheUsProject. Together, we are more than our selfies, and Soffe became a thought leader. Even Disney stars like Graysan Thieman got into it. 

We also launched some new apparel reflecting the brand ethos. After all, Soffe is an athletic clothing brand.

But did all of this move the needle in four months?
● Exceeded yearly sales goal in 5 months.
● Before the campaign, 12.5% association of Soffe with "cheer" and "shorts"; after campaign, 0.5% association only. 
● After 12 months, year-over-year sales of digital- and social media-based campaign increased 12.2%.
● Increased Facebook average followers reach from 0.50% prior to optimization to 1.44% within 1 quarter.
● Increased Twitter followers by 9.7% in 30 days, surpassing total growth in previous 11 months; in last 28 days on same page, increased impressions by 109.4%, profile visits by 185.6% and mentions by 74.8%.
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