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Creating the industry leader in shares with a tweak in strategy.

How can you get more shares than BuzzFeed and increase revenue by 42%? 
Like most Multi-Level Marketing companies, Arbonne came with a specific request: look at our social media holistically and create a customized strategy that reaches both current consultants and acquire new customers. 
After digging through mounds of analytics, a pattern started to emerge. And it went against what the client believed to be true.
Arbonne's consultants can earn a white Mercedes Benz. Common assumption was then to create an aspirational lifestyle brand, focusing on what someone could become vs. letting the catalog products be the hero.
But through a data-driven audit, there appeared to be a higher-than-average ratio of shares per post. Digging further, it showed the demographic was 10-years older than the assumption and majority of the shares involved its consultants. 
Further into the data, a fact-oriented, catalog-like-copy post got shared 34.7% more than aspirational posts. 
The analysis of around 1,000 posts through 3 years showed a strong correlation, one that a brand could hang its hat on. 
The proposed strategy involved more geared to its consultants, providing them almost a content calendar of sorts to post on its own pages to further a consultant's brand. 
Though unconventional, and definitely not as sexy, the client had its hesitations. But, the results spoke for themselves.
Instead of focusing on "best practices," implementing an analytics-driven strategy with powerful imagery has led to maximizing the brand's visibility.
Arbonne continues to reach more people organically with Facebook's algorithm improving on a month-to-month basis. The results showed as soon as 30 days, reaching 7.35% more followers while decreasing negative feedback by 35.96%. 
But did all of this move the needle? 
  • Within first month from traffic from Facebook, new strategy increased e-commerce revenue by 24.87% and increased average transaction size by 12.35%.
  • Within first month from traffic from Pinterest, new strategy increased e-commerce revenue by 42.31% and increased average transaction size by 9.21%. 
  • Average Shares Per Facebook Post was 965; industry average was 235.
  • Average RTs per Tweet was 23.13; industry average was 10.94
  • Average Interaction Per Instagram Picture Per 1,000 Followers was 20.75; industry average was 0.63.
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